elcome to the home of Eclipse Art Glass, featuring the stained glass artwork of Jeremy Walker.  My studio is located in the serene foothills of Boulder, Colorado. Here, I draw inspiration from the beauty of my surroundings to create quality works of stained glass, each piece thoughtfully designed and handcrafted to express a unique artistic vision.A successfully designed work of stained glass adds a unique sense of beauty, character and detail to a space.  Intricate patterns and motifs can be used to extend and compliment architecture, or an original work can draw the eye and communicate a story beyond words.I invite you to explore this website, where you will learn about me and how I approach the art.  Visit my gallery for photos of my past work, check out the services I offer and contact me if you have any questions. If you’d like, you can even subscribe to my blog to hear about my new work as it is posted.