New Beginnings

This panel was designed for installation into an exterior arched window at the end of a hallway leading from the main area of the home into the master bedroom. One of the functional goals of this piece was to support a mood transition as the viewer makes the physical trip into a different part of the home.

The emergent design expresses the integration of polarities between masculine and feminine and the balanced cooperation of Taurus (stability) and Scorpio (flexibility) energies in supporting the process of transformation and purification from which new beginnings are born.

Highlights of iridescent glass are used to give this piece a unique character at different times of day and under different lighting conditions.


Sri Yantra Suncatcher

My increasing interest in sacred geometry led to the idea of creating this Sri Yantra stained glass suncatcher. I was inspired by the power of this symbol to remind us of the vast and mysterious beauty of creation. Art has the ability to communicate to us beyond the ordinary, physical aspect of existence, reminding us of something much larger that brings incredible meaning to our collective reality. The intention for this piece, created as a gift, was to serve as a daily reminder of the inescapable destiny that awaits us as we walk the spiritual path of rediscovering our creative purpose in the physical world.

Abstract Triptych

triptych-1For this 39″x 50″ custom design, I had the opportunity to build the window as well as the stained glass.  The 45″ x 56″ window holds three vertical panes, known as a triptych.  This subtle, abstract design plays with our expectations about form as the colors shift through different hues for each pane.
triptych-2  triptych-3


Seed of Life Suncatcher

This hanging suncatcher depicts the seed of life in clear and red texture textured glass. This symbol is believed to represent the basic pattern of existence. It can be found in nature and is considered a form of sacred geometry in ancient cultures.

seed-of-life-1 seed-of-life-2

Business Card Holder 2

 This business card holder was created for a massage therapist.  It depicts a healer focusing energy through the 1st and 7th chakras. cardholder-2

Three Sisters

This 24″ x 24″ hanging panel depicts the Three Sisters, a trio of mountain peaks near Canmore, Alberta, Canada. three-sisters-1

Post Caps

For this project, I wanted to do something about four rather plain-looking railing posts surrounding an interior stairway. The 3-1/4″ square posts were flat on top. I found some pyramid-shaped copper post caps that fit perfectly, and since solder bonds well to copper I knew the caps would work well for this idea. The copper backing also strengthens the glass so it is resistant to minor bumps. I used lead-free solder since many hands will be touching these post caps. The end result beautifies the stairway area and adds a unique touch of character to this part of the home.

post-caps-1 post-caps-2

Mysticism of Nature

I created this design for a skylight.  It was important to use only clear and lightly colored non-opalescent glass for this, so as to keep the room as bright as possible.  I often feel that mathematics can be a path to understanding the mysticism of nature.  The geometrical, abstract theme of this design aims to convey that beauty.

skylight-1 skylight-2

SketchUp Logo

I had the pleasure of making this stained glass interpretation of a product logo for “pimp your cube” at work.  The official logo for our product, SketchUp is shown to the right.

sketchup-1  sketchup-2


eclipse-1I had been looking for a reason to integrate pure black glass into my work for some time. The Eclipse came to me as an idea for a downstairs door at my new home in Colorado. I couldn’t count on much backlighting for this interior door, so I used glass that would look great even when unlit from behind. Size is 24 ” x 38″.
eclipse-2 eclipse-3

Warrior’s Affinity

A Mayan warrior fetches water by night and stops to notice the moonlight reflected on the lake. Size: 24″ x 38″.

warriors-affinity-1 warriors-affinity-3

Bellyfit Logo

I created this stained glass interpretation of the logo for Bellyfit International as a gift and blessing for its creators, who are close friends and family to me.  Bellyfit is a Holistic Fitness System that empowers women to live a more balanced, joyful and inspired life.

bellyfit-1 bellyfit-2

Frontenac Shore

This custom design was adapted from a painting by Marianne Broome called “Canoe Lake IV”. It speaks of what I miss most about my hometown in Ontario. There is nothing quite like exploring the smooth rocky shorelines of Frontenac County at dusk by canoe. The completed project was shipped across Canada in a custom built crate as a gift for my mother.

canoelake-2 canoelake-1

Oval Tulip Door

For this project I was provided with the front door of a home containing a 20″ x 50″ oval-shaped opening for the stained glass.  The original tulip design was an adaptation of a popular traditional motif common in heritage homes of the Vancouver area. oval-tulip-1

Victorian Cattails

This interesting combination of Victorian and contemporary design elements was commissioned by a couple with a particular love of cattails.

cattail-1 cattail-2

Goddess of Fertility

fertility-goddess-lotusI created this large 28″ x 60″ window for the entry door of a remote cabin on Pender Island, BC. The couple I designed it for were beginning careers in Midwifery and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


fertility-goddess-2 fertility-goddess-closeup


A homeowner in Vancouver commissioned this set of windows for a major home renovation. The 12″ x 36″ transom window bears the home’s street number, and complements the Magnolias design of the large 60″ x 28″ main window.



I undertook this design with a more spontaneous approach, starting with no pattern and creating the design based on the character of specific pieces of glass I wanted to use. The first iteration of this waterfall turned out well (left) and I was later commissioned to create a larger version (right).

waterfall-small-1 waterfall-large-1

Arabic Mirror

arabic-mirror-1This stained glass mirror was designed to incorporate the pointed arch shape found in middle eastern architecture.

Lead Came Tulips

This lead came design was made for a 1900-era home in Vancouver, BC.  The client also requested that I construct the wooden window frame itself, given the dimensions of the rough opening.

tulips-lead-2 tulips-lead-1

Antique Repair 2

This unique project involved modifying a pair of damaged antique lead came windows.  The two 3-pane windows were salvaged and combined to create a single 4-pane window.

 hinnell-before hinnell-1

Antique Repair 1

This badly damaged antique stained glass window was brought to me for repair. Several pieces of glass were color matched and replaced. This is one of the few repairs I’ve done on stained glass that is made using traditional lead came technique.

Canucks Logo

Canucks LogoA Vancouver Canucks hockey fan requested this adaptation of the Canucks logo in stained glass.

Kerrisdale Tulips

After having made several other windows featuring this traditional tulip motif, I was asked to create this window for a realtor’s home in the Kerrisdale neighborhood of Vancouver.  The design was augmented with more detail and the finest glass from Uroboros.

Entryway Tulips

This pair of entryway windows features a traditional tulip motif in colors chosen specifically by the client, a realtor in the Kerrisdale neighborhood of Vancouver.

entry-tulips-1 entry-tulips-2 entry-tulips-3


This suncatcher was commissioned by a woman as a romantic gift.  The Persian calligraphy translates to “love” in Farsi.

eshgh-1 eshgh-2

Folding Vanity Mirror

I designed this custom folding vanity mirror for my loft master bath. The attic space used for the bathroom did not allow enough veritcal wall height for a normal mirror at eye level, so this provided an elegant solution to a unique interior design problem.  The stained glass mirror is mounted to a hinge, and when not in use folds back and is held flush to the wall by a small magnetic catch.  I also designed the bathroom itself, including the travertine countertop and mosaic tile Kokopelli shown below.  Rainwood Contracting of Squamish, BC was instrumental in helping this vision become a reality.

folding-mirror-1 folding-mirror-2

Heritage Crest Window

I designed this exterior transom window for a 1910 heritage home.semlin-window-1

Twin Light Covers

basement-lights-1These fluorescent light covers were designed for a pair of recessed kitchen lights.

Kitchen Recessed Light Cover

This simple cover was designed to add some warmth and character to a fluorescent kitchen light fixture.

kitchen-lights-1 kitchen-lights-2