The Artist

My love for art developed at a young age, inspired by a family and community that appreciated its many forms.  My interest evolved through different mediums as I grew up in Perth, Ontario, Canada.

At the age of 17 I apprenticed with Raphael Kerem, an artist of rustic, wooden hand-painted broomsticks.  I assimilated Raphael’s fascination with Tibetan Buddhist border patterns and intricate motifs.  I explored various styles, but my interest always gravitated towards sharp, intensely colorful patterns that are complex, balanced and precise.

I moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1997 where I completed a degree in Computing Science with a minor in Contemporary Arts.  I began my career as a graphics and video game programmer.

In 2006 I designed major renovations to my 1910 character home which included several windows and doors where I wanted to use stained glass.  I created a design for an arched loft window, and had it commissioned by Vancouver stained glass artist Ken Tomilson.  I formed a friendship with Ken, who mentored me in the art of stained glass.  Soon, I was busy creating the remaining stained glass windows for my home.

My growing fascination with the endless possibilities of stained glass overtook other interests and I opened shop to the public in 2007.  I developed a design process using computer software that allowed me to achieve very fast results and get feedback from commission clients quickly via email.  The quality service that I was able to offer using this method soon had me flooded with commission work.  I spent 3 years in Vancouver working on a wide variety of projects both contemporary and traditional.

In 2010, I moved to the mountains near Boulder, Colorado, where my career transitioned into the field of architecture and design. For my day job I am now a manager with the SketchUp software development team at Trimble where I lead a team of software engineers. By creating software that allows architects and creative visionaries to bring their 3D designs into reality, I continue to explore new ways to contribute to the vast realm of art and design.

But all of this did not interrupt my passion for stained glass. I completed Warrior’s Affinity in 2012, followed by Eclipse in 2013.  The historic flood of 2013 interrupted my work for several months, then I continued in 2014 with Mysticism of Nature 1Post Caps, and Three Sisters. In 2015 after completing some smaller projects, I undertook the ambitious Abstract Triptych.

Although I am increasingly engaged in freelance work, I am still open to accepting new commission projects that resonate with my evolving interest in contemporary, original work.  Please take time to read about the services I offer and contact me to discuss ideas for your project.

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